Saturday, May 22, 2010

A disaster travel

It was Saturday morning and when i switched on the TV, it was a shocking news once again on the flight crash. Its the Mangalore air tragedy. There were all speculation on whether it was pilot error on overshoot landing, critical airport, table top airport, expat pilot, etc etc., There were all lots of different sequences coming up.

But it was all about 150 plus dreams, goals, aspirations that have come to an end. They would have traveled to see their loved ones, few returning homes and all would have been at joy till the final moment until the aircraft made its touch down for this end. Nobody would ever thought its going to be the end of travel of their life.

A person of age 27 who was traveling to attend his father funeral, his life has come to an end, but the watch he forgot to take and left at his residence is still ticking and now it became a remembrance one. An entire family of 15 were traveling and all lost their life. One person has identified their loved one body with a wedding ring.

The relatives were awaiting outside the airport to have a look at their loved ones, but when they did hear this news, we can imagine how much pain they would have undergone. The pain the travelers would have felt at that last moment of their life. What would have run in their mind during this moment. Its definitely unimaginable. There were many awaiting outside the mortuary to collect their loved ones bodies. But few would not know that it would take at least a week to complete the DNA test to identify the body.

This incident is not the first, there were many air disasters earlier in our country, and the other incidents such as Mumbai 26/11 attack, Kolkata fire incident etc., etc., puts lots of questions on security elapse, negligence, human error etc., Is our public organization is growing in par with our economy and countries growth? Do we have adequate infrastructure in accommodate our countries growth? And lots more questions that the citizens has and definitely we doesn't know who is responsible and who would answer these?

But what ever may be the reason, lets hope that this is the last incident and never would happen again and let the souls rest in peace.

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