Sunday, February 27, 2011

Robin Sharma speech at chennai

Recently I had an opportunity to listen the Robin Sharma’s speech. I had read couple of his book and the way he portrays the leadership value through story has made me to get through his work. Below are few notes from his speech,

Leadership is all about

1. Impact, Influence and Inspiration
2. What do we do when no one is watching
3. Way I do one thing is way I do everything
4. Double the income, triple the learning
5. Behavior broadcast the values
6. Become a rock star at work
7. Lead yourself first
8. Take care of relationship and money takes care of itself

The points seem to be more of the one that we would have heard through all the time from different people. But when it was put through with strong examples, by a proven person it really gets into our mind. Is this what he was referring to creation of impact and influence? In that case he seems to be leader for himself for keeping his words through his work.

He then spoke about few key points which the successive people have been following

1. Get Up Early and do some workouts and readings
2. No excuses.
3. Don’t check email in the morning
4. Learn to say “No” with respect
5. No gossips, No critcs, No Negative
6. Understand clarity provides mastery
7. Eat less
8. Super hydrate
9. Take an hour nap
10. Aware of environments
11. Understand you become your association

I felt the above words were really useful as I failed in most of them. Atleast I knew these were important. There were few tactics that he put across which seems to be useful

1. Avoid radio star syndrome and be authentic
2. You are in show business, Practice before stage
3. Win is the motivation + momentum
4. Distraction is enemy of production
5. Technology free period and solitude work
6. Leave your ego at the door and give what you can
7. Develop leadership language
8. Launce a beta and then iterate daily
9. Be inspirational.

Hmmm above were few of what I took notes. It was like cyclone of thoughts and words that were put across the mind. Sure it will have impact only if those words were categorically put in to actions. Finally got an opportunity to take a snap and autograph with him. Seems to be little childish when self and friend were eager to get a snap and autograph. But everyone present there were professionals and everyone were crazy.

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  1. i have never heard of radio star syndrome. Could u please explain what does it mean?