Friday, April 13, 2012

My Quotes


It might take years to build a character; but requires lots of character to keep up for years

Its Insane behavior of few people make me feel i am still sane

Fear tolls my head; but confidence pulls it out;
Anger thrashes my heart; but peace pushing it out;
Violence tries to take over; but character fighting it out.

Two things we can't teach people is Love and Friendship

Just learnt we cannot be perfect to all,,,But that does not mean we are not perfect

Why do my mirror always shows me slim. (always I justify what I feel even if its not)

Forgive people who hurts u; but forgive not who misleads u


if u build trust, it is stronger than Tajmahal;if u break trust it is worse than tsunami


Miles to go before i go to sleep
lost my smiles in travel to destiny
searching for a while to rest in peace
got hostile in this world of disharmony
waiting for a shoulder to pass through turnstile

At times words doesnot turn to action
At times action doesnot yield success
At times success doesnot bring happiness
At times happiness doesnot last long
But all times we shouldnot loose hope

Millions of heart starts playing the band
Thousands of prayers across the land
Eleven crusaders touches the sand
They Bat to win the battle
And bowl to win the hearts
----Hope India brings the cup

Its not the rising sun that made this day different;
Neither its not the beauty of moon that made difference;
But the hope of better tomorrow made it 
Wish u a very Happy New Year

The decisions in the life could be debated but not the life itself


Music makes the mind listen to heart :)


Few problems are like windows!!!!!the only solution is CTRL+ALT+DEL


When we are kid, Parents are the best gift
When we are teen, friends are the best gift
When we grow up, partner is the best gift
When we bcm old, kids are the best gift
But do remember at any point,
 you are one of the best gift for someone and always spl!!!!

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