Saturday, April 7, 2012

Troubleshoot-Jboss 6.1and Eclipse Indigo

Troubleshoot-Jboss 6.1and Eclipse Indigo

Jboss 6.1 doesnot start without any error or log in Eclipse Helios

Server: jboss 6.1-Final
Eclipse Version: Helios and Indigo

When jboss 6.1 was started from Eclipse Helios or Indigo without jboss tools plug-in, the server doesn’t start without any error or log. The problem seems to be jboss 6.1 expects a vm argument on

When the is set in vm arguments, the server started without any problem.

In Eclipse, go to server tab, Click on server and then Arguments, in VM arguments section provide the below entry


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  1. ohh man.. i have been facing this problem for a longtime .i thought some issues with my eclipse or system memory. Great.. thanks for saving my time.